Photo by  Sasha Gulish

Photo by Sasha Gulish


Alice Warnecke Sutro is an artist, writer, and wine producer. This blog is where she explores the intersection of these passions and shares her O.W.T.'s (odd winecountry thoughts). It is an examination of the wine industry through the lens of art, in tandem with curated works of art, with a section of home made art jokes and a directory of artist-run wineries. 
She founded the boutique wine label SUTRO with her husband in 2012 and manages all aspects of the business. She is a partner at Warnecke Ranch & Vineyard, where SUTRO sources premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and where they live and raise their kids in Healdsburg, Sonoma County. Her observations of vineyards are entirely inspired by the activities at Warnecke Ranch, an amazing family owned and operated business since 1911 that is a reflection of her aunt's hard work, Margo Warnecke Merck, Managing Partner for WR&V since 2010. 
Alice's previous life spent immersed in the art world is the backbone of this blog. She studied Art History for seven years starting with an immersive art history program in high school, then received a BA from Stanford University in this field. She pursued studio art and graduated from California College of the Arts MFA program in Painting and Drawing in 2010. That's when she felt the call to return to the land and moved to Healdsburg to learn about the family business. Apprenticed to her aunt, Alice spent 6 years as assistant vineyard manager at WR&V. During this time she also collaborated with her family to found and steer through its formative first years Chalk Hill Artist Residency, a non profit in support of contemporary artists including artists with disabilities, located at Warnecke Ranch. Starting in 2016 she decided to focus exclusively on SUTRO and being a mom, as the demands of both these enterprises became quite consuming.
Upon moving to Healdsburg she participated in forming the all women's art collective 428collective and joined mom's groups. Both have provided her with vital psychological and emotional support to withstand the transition into parenting as an artist, and then becoming a wine entrepreneur, and now back to the arts through wine and writing. 
Every post has for title image art produced by an artist friend or acquaintance of Alice's, permission by the artist, with the intention of promoting their work and providing a platform for readers to discover new artists.