Artist maps by 428collective, book produced by Alice
Photocopy Body Kit, book produced by Alice

Nevada Adaven

In a near future, humans regret the previous regime's mass execution of artists across the world. A rogue curator-adventurer takes on the challenge of cataloging the world's last remaining artists. They are hiding in the extremes of human nature: at the heart of cities and the tops of mountains. In the process, their art, contorted by repression, begins to define a new genre, blurring the boundary with life and fringing on the supernatural. 
Restrained science fiction sets the stage for exploring the future of contemporary art, each short story a mix of hi-brow/low-brow culture erupting in fantasy art projects as the reader follows a typical detective figure: moderately pathetic, deeply compassionate and unwittingly irreverent towards her cases. 
First edition self-published 20 copies for 428collective exhibit at Hammerfirar Gallery in Healdsburg Fall of 2017. Currently undergoing draft revisions and the addition of 3 new chapters. 


Navigating Out Here

Artist maps by members of the 428collective, a collaborative book project led by Alice. 


Photocopy Body Kit

Cut & reassemble book to recompose Alice's body.